Closed Captioning in Camtasia and YouTube

Closed Captioning in Camtasia (pdf)

There are several options with regard to closed captioning in Camtasia

  1. Create the script in the PowerPoint comments field. Camtasia will automatically import these as captions.Image of PowerPoint slide showing the Comments box (under the slide) for a script.Closed Captioning editor in Camtasia
  2. You can also Type out the captions in a text file and import the captions using the import captions button. Then use the sync captions button. You will manually sync the captions.Captions box in Camtasia with "sync captions," "Import captions" and "export captions" options
  3. You can use the Speech-to-text button to “auto caption” your video. Obviously, you will need to go in and edit this once it is done.Speech-to-text dialog box in Camtasia

If they don’t automatically publish to YouTube, you can export the captions and upload them directly into YouTube. Select Upload file.

YouTube Closed Captioning screenshot
For video tutorials on closed captioning with Camtasia:Camtasia 7.1:
Camtasia 8 (scroll to the bottom for several options on closed captioing)

Closed Captioning in YouTube

A quick resource:

Let someone else caption them: