I have listed below some resources that I have used in developing the lessons for an algebra class (Essentials of Mathematics).  The 4 units we cover in this class are (1) Solving Linear Equations, (2) Graphing Linear Equations, (3) Rules of exponents and polynomials, & (4) Factoring/Solving Polynomials.  The sites below include many more lessons that I did not cover in this class (e.g. piece-wise functions, probability).  Feel free to download the template that will help you when creating your lessons.  Here’s a flow chart to give you a sense for how my class works.  Show students a short video during class. They have to gaph the situation.  ( I used and for introducing functions.)  A spreadsheet view of the 3-Act tasks.  I used and  Contains several of the 3-act problems plus many more interesting problems.  You need to register to download the lessons.  It’s free.  I used several lessons from this site (Domino Effect, iCost).  While they do have a handful of free lessons, I do pay a small monthly charge for full access.  It’s totally worth it.  They are constantly adding new lessons and just recently did a complete overhaul on their site. I will often take their lesson and slightly modify it.  For example, I used the Domino Effect lesson, which has a 30 second video of someone ordering a pizza from the Domino’s website.  I just redid the video (and slightly modified the lesson) using my zip code when ordering.    I find that to make the lessons my own, I need to re-edit them.  But you don’t have to.  Some really thought-provoking videos on a range of mathematical topics.  For example: How does the sum of 1 + 2 + 3+ 4…=-1/12?  Problems with zero; Zeno’s paradox.  These videos often end with a questions to ponder. Ramsey Musallam’s homepage.  He is the pioneer  (if not the creator) of the Explore-Flip-Apply paradigm. He has several resources and ideas on productivity and inspiration for course content.  Although he teaches Chemistry, many most of his resources can be used for any area. He has a great list of tools that can be used to help you in your development.  He also posts semi-regularly on his blog.

PowerPoint Demo used for Flipped Classroom.

Also, if you are not using Twitter, you are missing out. It is about who you follow.  I am mostly a consumer.  I will start giving back soon.  Here is a slice of who I follow:

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