Presentation Do Over

I have been reading through Presentation Zen by Presentation Guru Garr Reynolds.  I plan on making many changes to how I communicate my ideas, specifically on the flipped classroom.  Base on some of the suggestons from Zen and others, here is what I hope to do:

1.  While I am still (reluctantly) going to use PowerPoint, 95% of the text is going to be omitted and/or replaced with images (not cheesy clipart if it can be avoided). (Seth Goden recommends no more than 6 words per slide-Ever.)  Much of this has revolves around the cognitive load principles. Sweller is the researcher credited with initiating much of this.

2.  I am going to try to invoke my storytelling abilities rather than presenting a checklist of the process.

That’s it for now.  I will post BEFORE and AFTER samples after it is done.