Explore-Flip-Apply: My Initial Model


Explore-Flip-Apply: My Initial Model

Here is my initial model as I go through the process of reorienting my class to inquiry-based learning. I am sure there are some flaws. Each topic will begin with Explore.  This  should take 20-30 mins. Some Explore lessons may be significantly shorter. The intent of the explore is to spark a student’s curiosity. Some recent research suggests that students should do an in-class activity before watching the out-of-class video. Showing the mechanics (e.g. solving a linear inequality) is pushed outside of class (i.e. the Flip). These will most likely be a short (<20 min) video that gives some standard (direct) instruction. Currently I use Camtasia Studio 8.1 to do this and a Dell Latitude XT2, which is perilously close to burning out.

When students return to class, they will begin the Apply phase. Now that they have been given some of the tools, we will either finish the “Explore” problem we worked on previously (maybe a 3-Act problem) or they could just apply their skills at solving some problems (anything wrong with that?). Most all of the in-class time will be spent in groups (or at least pairs).

We use a Pearson online product (MyMathLab) as an LMS and for them to do “homework.” My current strategy to implement this is to have optional homework problems for them to practice. I will also have a very short online quiz (3-6 questions) in which they will get multiple attempts.

I will post some initial iterations for the first unit (Linear equations, Inequalities, & Problem Solving) later this week. I still have not nailed down everything. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Ramsey Musallam & Dan Meyer for all the work they do. If you are not following them on Twitter, you are really missing out.